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Benefits include the following:

  • Sales affiliate training
  • Topical digital resources
  • Zip Code Club newsletter
  • Direct mail print options
  • Business card ad display
  • “ZipTalks” Zoom meets 

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Scrolz Zip Code Club

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Annual Membership

We cover the world and Main Street, USA.

ZIP Code “Club” members have options to advertise their business cards on the Scrolz website. Members may benefit from the club newsletter, or mailer cards sent out in affiliate sponsored, or select ZIP codes.

The “Club” aims to help local residents and businesses. Shops on Main Street and neighborhood entrepreneurs add a vibrant mix to the economy. Most people may be surprised to find the options and opportunities in theirs and adjacent ZIP codes. Imagine hearing it said:

“Hi there! I’m a delivery driver by day, aspiring stand-up comic by night, and I found your nearby store while I was looking at Scrolz.com. I live about three miles from from your shop.”

…or imagine comments like this:

“Our dried fruit basket store provides quality seasonal gifts to the public from quality farms in Oregon. We are glad to share how a client faraway saw us online while they were on Scrolz. ZIP Code Club links us to a big world.”

Affiliates – Club members who follow an easy vetting process, agree to practice guidelines, and complete approved continuing education courses, may enjoy better commission income potential as an independent and vetted affiliate.

While not for everyone, business or sales savvy types, those with a “gift of gab,” or have the right amount of enthusiasm, might like the training and opportunities we offer.

See newsletter for affiliate details.

Business Recognition

The 1st Class Plan is $36 for a one (1) year term prepaid membership subscription. The Standard Plan includes online dynamic posting of a business card viewable on Scrolz for a one (1) mile radius.

Lots of city blocks fit inside the 3.14 square miles covered by the 1st Class Plan. Scrolz viewers online in your radius may see your business card as it displays in a dynamic and/or random order.

Membership Subscription

Build your circle. You may prefer to display advertise your business card locally. If not, reach much farther. Select a Scrolz plan to fit your geo-targeting market, and retain ZIP Code Club membership benefits.

Set the distance, near or far.

ZIP Talks

Improve the business zone. Even in the Internet Age, a lot happens in each ZIP code. While we may not like junk mail, or want folks to know where we live, if we have a business, our address is a great tool.

Join the talk. Learn how to do business better. We discuss target marketing, online ads, direct mail, building client lists, and other topics of interest among members.

Check newsletter for details.

Phone/Text: (541) 490-9269

Email: info@zipcode.club